Regeneration project has been presented during the 12th Health Forum (, taking place on May 10, 2024 in Patras.

The Industrial Systems Institute participated in the event with a session on “Artificial Intelligence in Health”. The session was coordinated by the Director of the Institute professor Chrysostomos Stylios and the editor of Symboulos News weekly Mr Panagiotis Gialenios. Professor Stylios presented the project and its goals and expected outcomes, emphasizing on the significant contribution that AI can have in health, providing personalized treatments based on analysis of big data. Furthermore, reference was made to the large-scale research that is necessary for the establishment of medical protocols, as well as to the use of robotics in health based on AI.

Dr Ilias Politis, Institute Researcher, talked about “Exploiting AI for the facilitation of equal access to health services and the support of vulnerable persons” and noted that remote and isolated areas face high percentages of mortality due to economic, geographical and social limitations.

Finally, Konstantinos Risvas, Institute research collaborator referred to “Scaffold modeling for 3D printing and their application in human bone treatments” emphasizing on the need to develop highly reliable and sustainable models combining know how and exploiting synergies between academia and business, a work directly related to projects Regeneration and Osteonet.


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